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Zirve Crankshaft

Crankshaft Industry

For 16 years, Zirve Crankshaft makes their customers meets with their high quality products and expanding their market share in overseas with top quality crankshafts. Zirve Crankshaft is successfully manufacturing crankshafts with Casting ( AD1 ) and Forged today.

Manufacturing Crankshafts for Automobiles, Generators, Marine Engines and Heavy Duty Engines from 2 cyl to 20 cyl with trust and quality and also Zirve Crankshaft is connecting you with suppliers for Connecting Rods, Cylinder Liners, Hydrolic Pump and Industrial Type Generators.

Zirve Crankshaft became a reliable Company with delivery times, high quality products and growing with the partners in and out of Turkey everyday. Our target is raising our quality standarts to open in bigger markets with keeping customer satisfaction and keep our name next to quality between our rivals.